Virtually one in five members of the population of Axyss journey to The Gathering in the Spring, and the player characters were counted among them this year.

Upon their arrival at The Porta-Inn near the south eastern edges of the island, they were recruited by Briar Thistledown to take part in The Gravity-Game; chief sport of The Gathering.

Oskar Dankil Traveled with his brother-in-law and a handful of the employees that work at his father’s brewery for the last time, planning to sign-up with the Order of The Shield. The journey was troubled by bandits, an injured ass, and a squirrel with big nuts, but in the end the group arrived essentially unharmed with their cargo intact.

Visenya "Worgbane’ was sent by the Monster Hunter to whom she is apprenticed to hunt down and finish off the injured Worg that had assaulted a group of Halflings traveling the road to Harbor. Although nearly killed by the enormous wolf-like creature, Visenya returned with its hide as a prize.

Kyrian Stone made the trip as a caravan guard and the journey was uneventful largely due to his knowledge of safe travel routes and practices. Kyrian managed to kill a black bear that escaped from one of the traveling menageries, and despite protests from the animal’s negligent owner was cleared by the Gatewardens that arrived to clean up.

Ryah Warden met up with Warbird at what she believed to be the direction of The Shield. The two met at a crossroads and traveled together to a small fishing village on the northeast coast of Hyland. There, they declined to attack a ‘fish-man’ that was disturbing one of the locals’ nets, and instead paid for passage to the world wide fair.

Nero Torvus came to The Gathering to make a name for himself as a fighter and begin his pursuit of recognition outside of the fight pits in his home.

As the Silver Sphinxes, the team managed to rack up two wins in the Introductory Level of the Gravity Games based largely on the spells of Nero that removed their opponents’ rope from the game.

Each member of the group at one time or another heard the presentation of Grelnik Nickerwick, and while intrigued by the possibilities, were even more fearful of the possible consequences of lifting the continents back in to the skies. Looking to profit by the gnome’s odd obsession, Nero attempted to offer to collect his research for the University of The Tome but found that the gnome was actually an excommunicated member of that Order and had already contributed all of his research to their store of knowledge.

Oskar spent most of his time between matches and helping at his father’s market stand serving at a medical tent near the performance center, where he was given the opportunity to treat the innumerable maladies that arise from such a large gathering of people. He worked along side servants of virtually every Elder known on Axyss, and got to know a little more about the way their organizations were structured. He also ‘enlisted’ in the Order of the Shield and is expected to report for duty as soon as The Gathering has ended.

The Session ended with the opening of the first official day of the The Gathering, when the final influx of adherents to the Druidic Laws joined the festivities. The peace of the Gathering was broken when the rumors of a large group of Orcs converging proved to be true. The Gatewardens had to physically restrain many from attacking the aliens on sight, but managed to prevent violence long enough for Gethrr the Cunning to present his request for recognition as a nation and a ceasing in the efforts to eradicate those who followed him. The group was removed to protective custody on the outskirts of the island so that the Gathering Council could debate the matter.

Not to be upstaged by Orcs, Goran Steelheart Scourge of Hyland started another scene, by leading a group of about fifty of his warriors into the gathering and presenting a speech proclaiming that he had conquered one third of Hyland and would soon take the rest. He announced that any who chose to join him were welcome – those who would resist him would be destroyed.


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