Clearing the Town

Shortly after the last of the orcs fled, Tamron Gale emerged from their lair, covered in blood – apparently none of which was his own – to see the grisly sight of six Dwarves rushing upon the fallen orcs to deliver death to the injured…and then promptly begin butchering the bodies.

Communication was a problem at first, as the Dwarves apparently only spoke Dwarven and Orcish, which none of the three remaining conscious party members present understood. The Cleric Diesa quickly awoke Oskar Dankil and Rennard “Underfoot” Redhill came running from the Gnome Embassy where he’d been exploring with Grelnik Nickerwick to provide a running translation (sometimes of multiple conversations at once).

The Dwarves, led by Ulrick Torunn quickly painted a gruesome picture of their lives here. Left on their own by the shutting of the portal to Axyss, they had been utterly defeated and enslaved by the orcs. The Dwarves did what they could to undermine the orcs at every turn – equipping them with exotic Dwarven weapons they did not know how to use, and attempting to manipulate the traditionally fractious Orcs into wars with one another – but some dark force seemed to be holding them together against all odds.

Ulrick confirmed that there was a united Dwarf Resistance Movement – led by the king’s old advisor, who was also the ‘advisor’ to the Great Orc Chieftain, but try as they might, four to one odds of a sickly, oppressed people against a powerful warlike adversary was just too daunting to overcome. Furthermore, according to Ulrick, the orcs maintained a working portal to their own world, so if trouble became to overt, there was nothing to stop them from bringing even more orcs to Hearthhome.

With this pleasant conversation underway, Tamron explained that he had discovered two more orcs hiding within the lair and had been forced to deal with them, keeping him from joining the battle. Visenya’s investigation confirmed two orc corpses, apparently killed from behind by stealth within the lair, with nothing else of apparent value anywhere to be found.

The Dwarves, having completed the gruesome task of carving up the orc (and dog) meat, said a blessing over the remains of Warbird and carried the fallen Nero to their base within the large round building with multiple chimneys near the plaza where the battle took place.


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