Durghen not Durgen

With the threat of the Orcs removed, food was now the group’s primary concern. By Gorbunn Ungart‘s figures, with the addition of the exiles from Axyss, the group’s existing food stores would only last about a month, including the food that the group had brought with them and the Orc and Badger meat they had recently gathered.

Ulrick Torunn demanded that the newest additions to ‘his’ group prove their worth, or make their own way in the wilds. No one who couldn’t add to the community would be allowed to bring the rest down. As a ‘test’ of their worth, the Dwarf leader demanded that the group bring in at least one Durghen cow with a nursing baby, so that the milk would provide an ongoing source of sustenance, and that they kill as many other members of the herd for meat and hides as possible.

So with the pre-dawn light, the Exiles, along with Dwarf volunteers Ilde Gorunn, Tordek Gorunn, and Bardek Gorunn set out to meet the Durghen herd as they came down to the frozen lake.

The sharp-eyed elves, Visenya and Tamron Gale set up to scout the path, so that Kyrian Stone could attract the attention of the Bull, and draw him away from the herd. Visenya, Tamron, Nero Torvus and Ilde were to then aid Kyrian with ranged attacks, while the others formed a screen behind them, ready to move forward and support if needed.

The plan seemed to go well at first, until Tamron trying to impress Visenya, tried to slip past the Bull and use his newly learned skills with animals to coax a cow from the herd. Instead, the elf opportunist managed to attract the attention of the bull and suffered a terrible injury from the enormous bovine’s horns.

Fortunately for the elf, near misses from Nero’s flaming rocks, and Kyrian’s bellows and banging on his shield drew the beast’s ire away from him, and he was lost from view in the snow drifts.

After a heated battle, the dominant male Durghen was slain, and with his fall, the herd was thrown into chaos. Immediately two of the younger males began to make dominance displays in an attempt to attract females to follow them. Some of the females gathered to see the results of the challenge, while other members of the herd began to simply flee.

Taking advantage of the distraction, a wounded Tamron managed to slip among the cows and coax one of the nursing mothers from the group with her calf before the herd collapsed and fled into the mountains.


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