The Gathering


Since the fall of the Elders, the people of the world have celebrated the Gathering twice a year.

The Gathering is held at the sacred Isle of Spring Dawn and Fall Twilight traditionally held to be the center of the world. People from all Five Nations come together for officially seven days, but what has become more like 15 as merchants and travelers arrive early to get a jump on the best spots and deals. The strictest adherents to the Druidic Laws refuse to trade with city dwellers outside of the designated time.

This is the first year each of the characters have been able to get away from their training/duties to make the journey, (or perhaps their duties – due to a Craft/Profession skill have drawn them here) so the sights and sounds are all new. The only way to the Island is obviously via boat – but virtually everyone has one, and there are no shortage of travelers willing to lend a seat to someone willing to help row. To those who have lived their lives among the nomadic tribes, this is the most people they have ever seen in one place. The sounds and smells of so many people pressed together are almost overwhelming. Many of the nomad tribes use beasts of burden – some mundane, others – not so much so, and the sheer variety of boats making the journey across the sea is staggering.


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