Archmage Villius Carpenter

A mountain of a man in his middle years, with graying black hair, and deep brown eyes.


Villius Carpenter is a huge man. Many believe he has used a permanent Growth spell on himself, but none has had the courage to ask. He wears a suit of armor said to be an Elder Artifact that doesn’t interfere with his ability to cast spells. He wears his dark hair long and lets in flow unbound. He is always clean shaven and keeps his eyebrows neatly trimmed.

His rise to power at, for a wizard, such a young age has drawn whispers and legends around the world. Everyone has heard of Villius Carpenter.


Despite the seemingly telling family moniker, the head of the Mage Guild is the son of two wizards, Demetrius Carpenter and Tamara Swift, who were themselves, the subject of folk legends in their prime. One common legend is that at the age of ten, he defeated a demon that his father had summoned and inadvertently let loose.

What is known for sure, is that he grew up in the kingdom of Talanthas, and studied magic from his parents from a young age. When he was old enough, he traveled with a group of Miners, exploring ruins of Elder Cities. On at least two occasions (some rumors say more) he was the only member of his party to return alive.

Archmage Villius Carpenter

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