Barendd Ironforge

Head Cleric of The Axe


A relatively young Dwarf with a fiery red beard, Barendd’s eyes appear feverish with the passion of his deity. He keeps a part in his beard so that the symbol of his god can be seen on his chest at all times, a trend that has been taken up by most of the Church of The Axe.


Born on Axyss, Barendd was eager to show his allegiance to the ‘True Dwarves’ from Hearthstone by adopting the ‘Old God of the Dwarves’ and showing his fervency for the faith. Barendd has shown a remarkable affinity for the powers of his master, and has risen to the prominent position of his Church at a remarkable rate.

Barendd is close friends with Prince Khalkas and is widely recognized as his chief advisor.

Barendd Ironforge

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