Chief Stormrider

Chief of the Westwind Tribe


A human male in his late fifties or early sixties, Chief Stormrider’s long, braided hair, is now white with a few streaks of black. Tall and thin, years of exposure to the sun have taken it’s tole on his dark, wrinkled skin. Like many of the Tribesman, his torso is tattooed with his namesake: a depiction of a horseman astride a stormcloud bearing a spear and shield.


Chief Stormwind leads one of the largest tribes on Hyland and many believe that his daughter may become the first leader of a United Tribe. Chief Stormwind has called for a for United effort against the marauding of Goran Steelheart, but thus far, it may be the fear of his growing influence that keeps the other Chiefs from agreeing to a united effort.

Chief Stormrider

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