Diesa Lutgehr

A lovely (for a dwarf) young woman, with a unique holy symbol.


Diesa wears her dark hair pulled back in an intricate braid. Her chain-mail is dented, and well worn but not rusted like that of many of her peers. She wears a holy symbol that has the rune character for her Elder’s name: Groth. She carries a hammer and shield into battle, but seldom gets close enough to the action to use either as her compatriots are very protective.


Diesa is the niece of the last Chancellor to the Elder Groth before it disappeared in the Purge. She says that he is the Elder that created the dwarves, and that he speaks to her of a plan to free his people. Her clerical powers cannot be denied – but no other dwarf has claimed to hear from this power, and it does not claim a symbol like those on Axyss have done.

Whatever the truth may be, her powers are the only reason the dwarves on the surface have lived this long, and they are very fond of her.

Diesa Lutgehr

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