Dorvin Merchant

Commander of the Order of The Shield


In his seventies, the head of the Order of The Shield, Dorvin is still strong and stern in appearance. He is seldom seen without his armor on and some say that his shield is permanently grafted to his arm. His hair is nearly gone on top, and he wears a neatly trimmed goatee. Dorvin carries a Mace that is made out of a strange material that looks like glass.


Dorvin is one of the few humans left to have fought in the Second Gate War, where he was promoted for his efforts in defending a small village against an overwhelming force. He served for a time in the Gatewardens, and is close friends with their Commander, Gannemede Atriss. His efforts as a leader, and eventually Commander of the followers of The Shield have gone from military clean up of Orc Survivors, to trying to ensure that his Order would remain strong enough to defend against another invasion – even when three generations of humans have been born since the last Gate War, and many have begun to believe that his faith, and the Gatewardens have outlived their usefulness.

Dorvin Merchant

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