Eranin Egglesparger the Record Keeper

An aged Gnome, with two chunks of glass in front of his pale grey eyes.


Eranin is a Gnome by all appearances well past his expected lifespan. He walks hunched over, possibly impelled by the pull of gravity on his enormous nose as much as by any deterioration of his musculature. His eyes, and indeed the spectacles he wears are almost hidden beneath two enormous eyebrows – which happen to be the only hair visible other than that in said monstrous nose and the equally ponderous ears. He spends almost every waking hour reading books into his famous magical disk. While he appears old and withered, he is actually a Cleric of The Tome with formidable powers, and any who have thought to take the Elder Artifact from him, have regretted the decision immediately and with great conviction. The last one is rumored have been sent on a magically impelled Quest to retrieve an artifact believed to be lost on the Moon of the Harpy Homeworld.


Eranin is the current Head Record Keeper at the Museum of Archaeology in Market City. The Museum is sponsored by the Miners’ Guild, The Merchant Council of Ergoth, and the University of the Tome. He is best known for his work in compiling what he calls an ‘Encyclopedia’ of all the knowledge he has been able to gather. This original work is a magical wonder that allows users to hold an engraved metallic disk in hand and speak to it, and it will access all of the data Eranin has been able to enter by reading various books to the disk. Many Clerics of the Tome, and Members of the Mage Guild have attempted to duplicate this marvelous Elder Artifact, and failed, but in the meantime innumerable monks have been hard at work disseminating written copies of the work, that can be found around the world in various forms and degrees of accuracy and completion for a stiff price tag.

Eranin Egglesparger the Record Keeper

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