Gaius Thorne

Dean of The Tome


Gaius is a pale skinned Ergothian male in his sixties. He is completely bald and clean shaven. His dark brown eyes are piercing and bright despite their age. He dresses in academic robes, and bears the holy symbol of a Cleric of The Tome.


Gaius has committed his life to the study of all kinds of knowledge. He is not a true expert on any one field, but may be one of the most broadly educated humans on Axys. In his younger days, his studies were not purely academic, and there are legends of his feats that circulate the halls of the University. He serves as an adviser to the Council of Nations largely because he cannot stand to be cooped up in a library. He believes that true knowledge can only be attained through experience, and he wants to be involved in the world, not studying it from afar.

Gaius Thorne

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