Gannemede Atriss

Commander of the Gatewardens


Gannemede is short and stocky for an elf. His advancing age is beginning to show in fine wrinkles around his eyes and some gray in the dark hair above his ears. He wears the easily identifiable armor of a Gatewarden with a split white cape that looks like angel wings when he flys astride his Hippogriff mount.


The Commander of the Gatewardens is a living legend among the people of Axyss. He fought in the War of the Dark Druid as a foot soldier. He was a sergeant in the First Gate War and led many successfull battles agains Orc forces. He is said to be the lone survivor of the assault into the hollow mountain of Khul, to close the gate to the Dwarf homeworld and end the Second Gate War.

Gannemede Atriss

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