King Calyndeth of Talanthas

King of Talanthas


Calyndeth’s tapered ears and fine beard show human and elven influences. He bears the trademark platinum hair of his famous father and wears a subtle star and leaf crown. He is of modest height at about 5’7" and generally dresses in fine but not ostentations clothing. He is widely spoken of as a charismatic man, and some have come away from meetings believing they must have been charmed to agree to the deals he offered.

Calyndeth is in his middle years, mature, but not yet beginning to show signs of declining. He carries himself with confidence and dignity, but does not look down on those who offer him their fealty.


Calyndeth is the son of the famous hero-mage Talanthas is only the second ruler of the kingdom named after his father. His mother, the first Queen of Talanthas, was a half-elf who ruled for nearly sixty years. Talanthas was coronated three years ago when his failing mother abidicated. Calyndeth has no siblings as his famous father was fairly young when he died.

Talanthas’s marriage was a huge occasion, and one of the first major political events of the modern era. His mother selected Ellenia – a human daughter of one of heads of the Merchant Council of Ergoth to solidify what she saw as the most potent match available. They have been married for about forty years, and have four grown children, and five grand children.

King Calyndeth of Talanthas

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