Myrella Winters of Talanthas

Heiress to the throne of Talanthas


Mulatto skinned and possessed of the best features of man and elf, the Heiress to the throne of Talanthas is stunning to behold. Although she is in her forties, she appears no more than twenty thanks to her elven blood. Myrella does not wear a crown, but she needs no such display to mark her authority. She is born to power, and it is evident in her every movement. Myrella is always dressed in the latest Ergothian finery, and is said that whatever she is wearing is fashionable by definition. Her long, dark hair is almost never seen down, but is usually in some elaborate weave of braids.


Set to inherit the throne, Myrella has been prepared for the trappings of power since birth – despite the irony that she will likely only rule a very short time. Born fairly early in her 3/4 elven father’s life, her own 3/8 elven blood will not likely extend her life much beyond his, leaving her likely to rule only in her late years.

Spending about half of her time in Talanthas and half in her mother’s native land of Ergoth, the Crown Princess has all the benefits of the finest education and a traditional home.

Myrella married a Chieftain’s son of the Free Tribes of Hyland about 20 years ago. Also a half elf, the two are of an age and will share a similar life-span and maturity. Together, they have two children, who are mostly kept from the public eye to protect them from would be assailants and opportunists.

Myrella has served as her nation’s representative on the Council of Ages off and on for ten years. She is known for her innovative approaches to problems and for encouraging collaboration and cooperation among the nations.

Myrella Winters of Talanthas

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