Orion Winters

A human male member of the Merchant Council


Dark skinned and graying, Orion Winters always wears the highest quality fabrics, and expensive jewelry, most of which is rumored to be magical in nature. He is seldom far from at least two Clockwork Golem bodyguards.


A third generation member of the Merchant Council, Orion Winters was born to a position of power, but still had to buy his way onto the Merchant Council himself. It is rumored that he had a hand in his father’s untimely death which secured the family fortune for him at a young age – but no wrong doing was ever proven. He has posted a huge bounty for anyone who can bring proof of the identity of his father’s killer – and an even higher one for bringing the individual in. Most believe this to be an extravagant show, and an empty gesture since he is most likely responsible.

Orion wanted to ensure that his own children never had to face a similar dilemma and he worked hard to arrange the wedding between his daughter Elennia Winters of Talanthas, and King Calyndeth of Talanthas

Orion Winters

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