Shesael Glimmerspark

Guildmaster of The Miners


Shesael is a gnome in her late middle years, with chestnut hair shot liberally with gray. She dresses in the style of an Ergothian merchant, encrusted with various baubles that could each very well be mystical artifacts. She walks with a slight limp from her own days as an adventurer. She wears a strange monocle that retracts from her eye, that rumor has it allows her to tell if someone is lying.


Having worked her way up through the Miners to its most lofty place, Shesael is equal parts adventurer, politician, and merchant. While The Miners have lost a great deal of their influence over the years, Shesael Glimmerspark has been a central figure in consolidating what they have.

Shesael Glimmerspark

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