Tamron Gale

A rogueish young elf in Ergothian street rat garb.


Tamron is attractive in a rakish fashion. He has dark hair and a lithe build like most of his race. He now wears a masterfully crafted suit of ancient elvish armor of shaped leather and metal studs, under a heavy winter cloak and boots. He carries an Elder crafted sword and bow as well.


Tamron grew up as a street rat in Market City, Ergoth. He has the moral compass and skils to go along with it. Thus far, he has not shown any real valuable contribution to the group, but he is a survivor and he seems motivated to earn Visenya’s attentions. Since teaming up with the dwarf refugees, he has taken to learning all he can about survival, and he’s decided that he’s best off disposing of orcs from a distance. Working hard on his bowmanship he may rival Visenya soon.

Tamron Gale

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