The Coin

Elder of Commerce and Trade


The Coin is generally depicted as a fat merchant holding a scale. His symbol is a coin generally stamped with the ancient Elder symbol for ‘credit’ although sometimes this is substituted with the local equivalent. The Coin is the primary Elder revered in Ergoth and there are several of his Clerics in the Merchant Council.

Alignment: Neutral
Domains: Luck, Trickery, Knowledge
Preferred Weapon: Sling

The ‘Church’ of The Coin is run like a guild – with positions voted on annually in elections that are well known to involve a great amount of negotiation in favors and money. There is an initial ‘buy in’ to the church to become a member, and most of the merchants of Ergoth are ‘members’ whether they have any clerical abilities or not. It is not unheard of for high ranking members of the organization to have little or no clerical ability.


The Coin

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