Therrick Gorgonskull

Bodyguard and Bannerman to Goran Steelheart


No one has ever seen this huge man without his namesake in front of his face. Some call him ‘The Minotaur’ for the obvious comparison. He rides a monstrous black drafthorse into combat and wields a small tree of a spiked club.


It is said that Therrick killed the Gorgon whose skull he wears single-handed. Little is known about him in truth, as the man has never been heard to speak. Many believe that Goran Steelheart saved his life, and the huge man pledged to serve him with his own.

Therrick died in combat with Nero Torvus, Oskar Dankil, Kyrian Stone, Harold Smith, and Hobb in the power chamber beneath Gathering Isle. His body was stripped, and pushed into the power stream.

Therrick Gorgonskull

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