Axyss_Map.jpgThe legends indicate that during the time of the Elders, the land floated in the sky above an unbroken sea. When the Elders fell, so too did the soaring islands, thus much of what we know as the land today, is actually sideways, or even upside down from its original orientation.

When the islands fell, they created an intricate web of island chains. Over time, volcanic activity and sedimentation have welded some of the islands together, so there are a few sizable continents, but most of the land mass is split up by chains of great lakes and seas.

Due to its unusual origins, the land features some extremely unique landscapes, most notably the Horizontal Mountains of Glyth, the Twisted Forests, and the Caverns of Khul.

The largest continent is known as Hyland, and is made up mostly of broad plateaus, broken by webs of rivers. Located in the western quadrant, this continent is controlled by the Free Tribes, and is home to numerous roaming clans.

Khul, is based in a hollowed out mountain. Since the second gate war, Khul is home to two deeply divided communities of Dwarves, and a smattering of gnomes and half-orcs. This relatively small island is located in the northern arctic region, off the eastern shore of Ergoth.

The kindgom of Talanthas was established by refugees of the Dark Druid war, who were forced to leave their original home on Oceanside. It is one of the first truly ‘new’ cities built without any pre-fall substructures. The continent It is on is approximately third in size after Hyland and Arkadis. Talanthas is located in a sub equatorial region south east of Hyland.

Arkadis is the continent that hosts the bulk of Druid Nation. Divided from the slightly larger continent of Hyland by a narrow straight clogged with broken islands. Some believe that these were actually the result of magic since the fall, deliberately summoned to separate the divided tribes after the War of the Dark Druid.


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