The Continent of Hyland is the largest land-mass on on Axyss. Most scholars believe that it is actually three of the flying contintents that crashed together and that the rivers that roughly divide it into three sections are the boundaries between them.

Hyland is nominally ‘ruled’ by the Council of Chieftains of the Free Tribes. In reality, the Tribes are each self-governed and take only minimal heed to the directives of the Council.

Hyland is divided into three regions by the three rivers and these are called by their believed correlation prior to The Fall.

The Northwestern region of forests and plains is believed to have belonged to the Gnomes, and goes by the colorful moniker Brightgeminthebrilliantbluegreensky. Most non-Gnomes refer to it as ‘Brightgem’, especially since it is no longer in the sky. The ruins of the pre-fall Gnome City ‘HighExaltedMostBeautifulCityintheEmpire’ is believed to be located somewhere near the center of the landmass, but if it is there, the Druids have either destroyed it completely or concealed it well.

The southern land mass, is believed to have been the Centaur nation, and according to legend, it fell on its side after being hit by the other continents mid-fall. It is called Highpasture. The ruins of the city are believed to be lost deep in the ocean, or underground on the ‘vertical’ section of the south or north face.

On the East, is what is believed to have been one half of the Elven continent of Sylvanos, is commonly referred to as ‘West Sylvanos’. The orgininal Sylvanos is suspected to have split upon impact, with half falling west, and half falling east. The remainder is believed to make up the rough archipelago of rocks/islands known as ‘The Teeth’ between Hyland and Arkadis. The ruins of the Elven capital city is believed to have been somewhere in the middle of the Teeth.


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