The Nation of Khul is made up almost entirely of Dwarves. The land mass they occupy is the Ancient Embassy of the Dwarves and houses the remains of the Elder Gate that links to the Dwarf Homeworld of Hearthstone.

Khul is also a continent, centered around a central mountain, there is very little exterior land mass that is not steep. There is virtually no area available for crops or livestock, so the dwarves trade for most of their foodstuffs. It is rumored that the mountain fell upside down, and that the remains of the Dwarf City are near the very bottom of their tunnel system – where they live in the upside down ruins and the remains of the Eldergate destroyed during the The Second Gate War can still be seen.

Khul is a nation divided into two distinct factions:

The Nationalists – Dwarves that were rescued from Hearthstone, and are ruled over by the designated heir to the inherited King of the Dwarves. The Natives – Led by a Council of Elders, the Natives resist the rule of their ‘rightful rulers’ from Hearthstone and and maintain their independence. The two factions have taken up residence on opposite sides of the massive hollow mountain, and have as little to do with one another as possible.

There are about 15,000 Dwarves in Khul, about 1,500 Gnomes and a community of about 250 Half-Orcs*

*Note these are largely half-dwarf half-orc, not half human as is traditionally the case.


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