Recent History

A Summary of Events Leading Up to the Current State

(Editor’s Note – this passage by the Historian Koranis Darkmount was written about the year 200, it is included in it’s original form for the integrity of the document.)
It has been almost twenty years since the Battle of Arvahill and the subsequent Treaty of Arvahill.

Following the complete destruction of the city of Arvahill by the United Tribes under the leadership of the Druid Council the remaining Cities of Market City, Oceanside, and Rivervale saw the threat that the Druids posed to their continued sovereignty and possibly to their very existence.

In an act of necessity, the leaders of the Three Cities met and formed a pact of mutual protection. In order to make a statement, they gathered a united army and rode out to meet the tribes as they completed the work of dismantling Arvahill stone by stone. While the tribes outnumbered the forces of the Union at least three to one, the Union’s metal armor and weapons, combined with the magics of the Mage Guild and Clerics added a great deal of might to the United armies. It was clear to all that a conflict between the two forces would likely result in their mutual destruction.

So it was that the Druid Council agreed to meet with the leaders of the Union and the Treaty of Arvahill was written. About one third* of the known land was ceded to the Three Cities to rule over as they saw fit – so long as they agreed to observe certain environmental observations. In return the Druids agreed to allow their people to continue the practice of meeting twice a year and during those appointed times the restrictions on trading with Apostates would be lifted.

*Some sources note that the Treaty reads 1/2 of the earth…both are technically true, but the a large portion of the area ceded to the Cities is actually ocean.

Recent History

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