Talanthas (Nation)

Talanthas is a monarchy ruled by the descendant of the Hero of the same name. The Kingdom of Talanthas is the largest of the Nations and its population is is made up of about 7,000 humans, 5000 Halflings, 3000 Gnomes, 2500 Elves and 2000 Dwarves. About about a third of these live in the Capital city, named Refuge in memory of the retreat from the Orcs.

Talanthas is an extremely varied Nation. It’s king believes in a minimal interference with its people and works primarily to maintain peace and order. As such, the country is fairly self-regulated, with the vast majority of the people being relegated to agriculture to support the city, and export to the other nations.

Talanthas keeps an extremely small standing army in the off chance of another Gate incident, and expects most of its able bodied males to participate in a period of militia training.

The Continent of Talanthas is believed to have been the home of the Dragons before they departed Axyss in search for their peers. There are no known ‘ruins’ or cities to be found on the continent but rumors persist that there are hordes of treasure to be found.

Talanthas (Nation)

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