The First Gate War

Following The War of the Dark Druid another event forever changed the face of the world.

Long believed to have all been lost, destroyed, or inactivated – one of the ancient Elder Gates suddenly came to life, activating a bridge between Axyss – and the lost world of the Orc race. Given a new enemy to fight for the first time in generations, a massive flood of Orcs descended upon the world in a seemingly endless wave.

Many of the nomad tribes were caught completely unprepared. They were forced to flee to the Cities for safety.

Swollen beyond capacity, and pressed dearly for resources, the cities themselves were pushed to the brink of destruction. It was only through the efforts of a group of heroes, known to most as the Guardians of the Gate, who managed to close down the gate to the Orc-World from the other side – at the cost of the sacrifice of the great Wizard, Talanthas.

Since that time, a new brotherhood known as the Gatewatch has stood vigil and holds responsibility for defending all of the known Eldergates. Only one incursion has occurred in nearly 50 years – which resulted in the event known as the Second Gate War.

The First Gate War

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