The Free Tribes

The Free Tribes split from the Druid Council after the War of the Dark Druid and became independent. They are nominally led by a Council of Chieftains.

Many of tribes still follow the Druidic Laws and roam the countryside, but almost as many have settled and founded small farming communities. This dichotomy has if anything galvanized the Nation, making them more self-sufficient than any of the other Nations. It is not uncommon for the wandering tribes to move during the summer, and settle near a community in the winter where they share resources and then move on when the cold breaks.

Estimating the numbers of these populations is difficult. Scholars have cataloged about 50 small settlements of anywhere from 50 to 1000 denizens. Thus the estimated fixed population is approximately 10,000. The Nomadic tribes are much harder to count, but most believe their numbers are almost equal to that of the fixed dwellings.

Breaking these up by racial groups is again, a daunting task. Very few Dwarves have traditionally found the wandering lifestyle to their liking, and it is believed all that had remained with the Druids after the initial schism, have settled, placing the Dwarf Population at about 1000. Humans account for an estimated 50% of the population placing their numbers at an approximated 10,000. Halflings account for roughly 4,000. The elves make up another 2,000, and there are approximately 2500 Gnomes.

Makeup of individual tribes varies widely as well. Some are divided by race, and others include members from all races.

The Free Tribes

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