The Gatewardens

Since the First Gate War – the Gatewardens have stood as the most elite fighting force on .

Supported by all Five Nations, beholden to none, the Gatewatch began with only one purpose, but has grown to incorporate several more out of practicality.

The Original Gatewardens – were the survivors of the band of heroes that closed the Orc Gate: a Druid, a Cleric of the Hand, a Free Tribesman, a Miner, a Knight, and a Scholar. Each was gifted by the nations with a Hippogriff, a thunderrod, boots of nature-walking, a cloak of featherfall, and a suit of Eldercraft armor. Since then, only the finest warriors of each race are eligible for the Gatewatch, and each member is equipped with the same equipment.

In the beginning, the first Gatewardens were appointed with one task: locate all of the Eldergates, and guard them or destroy them. They have since found three that they have been unable to destroy, and have so stood watch for decades.

In time, sending the most elite troops to stand watch for something that was apparently never going to happen began to chafe the leaders of the Nations – so a new task was found for the Wardens. For the past 25 years, they have watched over the Gatherings to enforce Peace, and they have been called upon to settle disputes between Nations – as the Druids did in the past.

The Gatewardens

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