The Mage Guild

Established shortly after the Miners’ Guild, The Mage Guild was established as a way for practitioners of the Mystical Arts to band together against the persecution of the Druid Council and to share resources.

The Mage Guild is led by the Archmage – a title earned through competitions of mystical power. The rest of the hierarchy is designated in descending levels based on a power ladder.

The Guild’s records are notoriously close kept, but it is estimated that there are about 1000 members of the Mage Guild. Members are afforded access to facilities with mystical libraries and laboratories, granted asylum in need, have access to purchase rare spell components that can be difficult to find, and may be granted aid in times of communal need. In return, members are expected to pay certain dues, to come to the aid of other members in need, and to contribute to the good of the Guild.

Membership is attained through a rigorous testing process and a mysterious ‘swearing in ceremony’ that is rumored to bestow certain abilities and requirements on members.

The Mage Guild

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