The Races

Historical texts unearthed in the Ruins indicate that Axyss was originally home to eight mortal races: Centaurs, Dragons, Dwarves, Elves, Gnomes, Halflings, Humans, and Merfolk. Each race other than the Merfolk had a flying continent, each with a small city for ambassadors, traders, and craftsmen.

Since that time, each race has fared differently.

The Centaurs did not fare well in The Fall, and only two small herds remain, one among the Druid Nations and one on Hyland among the Free Tribes. In all, it is estimated that there are about 1000 Centaurs left on Axyss.

Dragons – the Dragons, if there ever truly were any on Axyss, they have not been seen since The Fall.

Dwarves – With the influx from Hearthstone, the Dwarves are the second most populous race on Axyss, with their own kingdom, believed to be the same island that served as theirs in the days of the Elders.

Elves – Thriving in the time of the Druids, but not so quick to reproduce as humans and halflings, the Elves have cemented a place third in number, but arguably first in power among the peoples’ of Axyss. Their long lives give them much more time to amass knowledge and power, and their growth is hindered if anything only by their relative lack of ambition. A three quarters elf sits upon the throne of Talanthas, four of twelve members of the Merchant Council of Ergoth are Elves, two of the seven Chieftains of the Tribal Council of the Free Tribes are Elves, and Three of the Seven Druids on the Druid Council are rumored to be Elves.

Halflings – Halflings can be found in every corner of the world, from the endless markets of Market City, to the dark tunnels of Khul, to the sweeping plains of Hyland. Often overlooked, the halflings have had little recorded impact on the history and growth of Axyss, and this may be exactly how they want it. Halflings’s chief power is in subtlety and stealth, and the trappings of politics and power are ill suited to their talents. Still there are two Halflings on the Merchant Council of Ergoth, and they have a growing presence among the maritime merchants.

Humans – Shortest lived, fastest to reproduce and highest in ambition of the races with perhaps the exception of the Dwarves, the humans have arguably taken over Axyss. They have a presence in every major circle of power in the world, save perhaps the Dwarf kingdom of Khul. The greatest strength and weakness of the humans is their diversity. They adapt quickly to a variety of situations, but have no real sense of unity and are as likely to fight among themselves as they are against any common enemy.

Merfolk – The aquatic people have had little contact with the surface dwellers since the fall. They object the fallen continents that have devastated their open ocean, and like even less the vessels that are increasingly traveling their realm. Their numbers and intents are largely unknown.

The Races

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