The Second Gate War

About two decades after the gate to the Orc World opened and plunged the world into chaos, an Eldergate was opened once more allowing a connection to another world.

Certain members of the Miners’ Guild found and ancient gate, deep within the mountain where they were mining. The scholars and Clerics among them believed it was the link to the world of Dwarves.

The leadership of the Miners’ Guild was split – but the Dwarves held the majority and forced the vote through to open the gate.

The researchers had been correct. The gate did indeed lead to the world of the Dwarves, but like our own world, the world of the Dwarves had been invaded by orcs. Unlike our world, the Dwarves had not succeeded in repelling the invasion. Once again the world was engulfed in a flood of orcs, with the Dwarves stubbornly refusing to close the gate and trap their brethren in a world where they were enslaved.

In the end, the united forces of the nations were able to invade the deep mountain fortress of the Miners – with the help of dissidents who believed what the Dwarves were doing was wrong. The Elder gate was destroyed and the remaining orcs were slowly hunted down.

The Second Gate War

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