Welcome to Eldergate!

Eldergate is a custom campaign setting for D&D 3.5. Why a Custom setting? Any pre-generated setting comes with its own heroes, its own villains, its own wonders and its own epic storylines – none of which really involve the players. It also spoils a lot of the mystery by allowing for pre-conceived notions and expectations. By creating a custom world, the players can truly experience the wonder of discovering something new, and can become the epic heroes of their own story, rather than riding the coat tails of someone elses.

For those who haven’t roleplayed with me before, I have been game mastering since about 1985. I run heavily story driven campaigns that emphasize drama over strict adherence to the rules. I will kill characters but this will usually require a poor choice on the part of the player, or a dramatic sacrifice. I believe there is no real sense of drama or of accomplishment if the players feel like they were never in true danger.

I hope those of you that are able to join us enjoy the ride.

If you’re wondering where to start, go to the Wiki, here: Main Page

Character Creation Rules: Characters for this campaign will use the D&D 3.5 rules, on a point system for Stats. Characters begin with a pool of 25 points. Each stat starts at 8 and may be raised on a point per point basis up to 14. Raising to 15 or 16 cost two points each, and 17 or 18 cost 3 points each. Racial bonuses/penalties are applied after points have been spent – thus an elf character can get an 18 Dexterity for 6 points less than could a Human character. In my experience, this ensures balanced characters that still have flaws that have to be role-played and countered by team mates – and counterbalances the otherwise huge advantage that human characters get from their additional Feat and skill points.