Dominion is generally depicted in old texts as a humanoid with slightly elongated features, oversized eyes, and tapered ears like those of a halfling, but some depictions vary widely depicting him as a demonic figure with red skin and horns. Clearly, his true appearance is lost to time, and it is probable that his vast powers allow him to appear however he chooses.

Depictions of his role in the Elder War that he is purported to have started are oddly vague as are most facts of this time period. While some of his prominent adherents played very clear roles in the War, and their conquests and defeats are documented in legend, little is known of Dominion’s role – it is stated only that he was defeated and locked away from the Prime Material Plane.


An Immortal Elder, Dominion rejected all views of morality, putting forward the idea that the only ‘right’ that matters is the Right of Capacity. His views sharply split the Elder Race and eventually led to the Elder War that ripped the Empire of a Hundred Worlds apart.


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