Goran Steelheart Scourge of Hyland

Chief of the One Tribe


Tall and lean with a blonde mohawk and piercing blue eyes, the Chief of the most terrible tribe on the continent of Hyland is possibly the most feared man on Axyss. Goran’s body is covered with tattoos of skulls and bones that are said to protect him from harm, and he wears no armor.


For nearly a decade, the Red Wave has ridden across Hyland, sacking villages, and raiding other nomad tribes at will under the leadership of Goran. The Chieftains’ Council has declined assistance from the Gatewardens in dealing with what they consider a matter of honor.

Goran has declared his intent to unite the Free Tribes into One Tribe under his rule, and he has taken control of three villages, either by submission or by force. He now controls the southern third of the continent of Hyland and threatens to take more daily.

Goran Steelheart Scourge of Hyland

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