The Anvil

Elder of Mining and Metalwork


The first Elder known to make contact with the people of Axyss after The Fall, The Anvil is most often depicted as a blacksmith – frequently a Dwarf. His adherents are structured into the Miners’ Guild, now split into two factions, one within the Dwarf Kingdom of Khul, and one for the rest of Axyss.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Preferred Weapon: Hammer
Domains: Earth, Knowledge, Craft*, Metal*

Granted Powers:
Skill Focus Feat for one Craft or Profession skill
1 Magic Weapon
2 Make Whole
3 Create Food and Water
4 Minor Creation
5 Major Creation
6 Heroes’ Feast
7 Refuge
8 Antimagic Field
9 Miracle


The Anvil

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