The Axe

Elder of the Dwarves


The Axe is depicted as a Dwarf in Full Plate Armor with his namesake in hand.

The Axe is relatively new on the scene of Axyss, being introduced with the Dwarves from Hearthhome that came through the Eldergate during the The Second Gate War. Many believe that it is this Elder’s influence has served to increase the isolation between Khul and the rest of the world, and few outside of the mountain nation worship this Elder.

Alignment: LN
Domains: Knowledge; War; Protection
Preferred Weapon: Dwarven Battle Axe

The followers of The Axe are the only current religion on Axyss that worships their Elder with the devotion of a god. They are structured as a church with a High Priest, Bishops, and Acolytes.


The Axe

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