Ergoth is ruled by a Merchant Council, positions on which must be purchased.

The continent of Ergoth is believed to have been the floating island occupied by the humans before The Fall. Its capital, Market City is believed to have been equipped with safety measures that helped it to survive just in case of such an event as what occurred. There are several other ruins of Elder structures and smaller communities scattered around the island, most of which have been stripped of valuables and/or repopulated.

Everything in Ergoth centers around money. The leaders of the country would argue that everything in the world does, the rest just don’t admit it or worse – realize it.

Ergoth specializes in manufactured goods, and in relics of the Elder world. They have several Schools devoted to the Elder known as ‘The Tome’ and as such have a significantly more advanced society than that of their neighbors. They buy raw materials, like wood and produce from Talanthas, Ore from Khul, and meat and hides from The Free Tribes.

Much like Talanthas, the peoples of Ergoth are widely varied, consisting of about 5,000 humans, 4,000 Gnomes, 3,500 Dwarves, 2000 Halflings, and 1000 Elves. They are mostly centered on the remains of an ancient city that they call ‘Market City’ that floats in the south eastern bay of the continent.


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