The Druid Nation

The so called Druid Nations is a loose alliance of nomad tribes that still align themselves with the Druid Council and follow the Druidic Laws.

It is difficult to get a definitive population count of these wandering groups, but it is believed that there are about 20,000 in all, divided more or less as follows: 6000 humans, 4000 halflings, 2000 Elves, 1500 Gnomes, , and 500 Dwarves. Studies have documented at least three hundred different tribes, and it is believed that the actual number is closer to five hundred.

The culture and practices of the tribes vary widely, but almost all of them center around following or moving roaming groups of animals around the continent with the seasons.

Each tribe is headed by a chief or council, and each defers to a Druid that has grown among them. Disputes between tribes, usually over rights to water sources or grazing land, are mediated by the Druid Council as they were in the first days after the fall.

The tribes differ widely in how they handle dealings with outsiders. Some are hostile and xenophobic, while others are open and welcoming. Some strictly follow the Druidic bans on magic and Elder technology, while others are more lax.

Makeup of individual tribes varies widely as well. Some are divided by race, and others include members from all races.

The Druid Nation

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