The Druids

Once, the saviors and rulers of the world, the Druids are still one of the leading authorities of the world.

Any practitioner of Druid magic is automatically a member of The Druids and is expected to serve the Druid Council and follow their dictates. Failure by any Druid to obey the dictates of the Council is subject to action at their will.

Members of the Druids are granted the protection of their brethren, and the knowledge of Guild secrets such as hidden store-houses, meeting places, and historical data lost to much of the rest of the world. Druids may also expect certain deference from the tribes of the Druid Nation.

The Druids are led by the Druid Council, made up of 12 high ranking Druids. The selection process is a mystery to all but the most high ranking druids, and it is believed that selected members remain for life.

The Druids

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