The Elders

The Clerics teach that the Elders were the first Living Beings in the world, and that it is they that created everything around us, including the races.

In a cataclysmic civil war, the Elders were locked away in another Plane, leaving their creations to find a way to muddle through on their own. It is only in the last century or so, that the Elders have begun to develop the ability to reach through the barrier between planes, and touch certain individuals of like mind and temperament to their own. Some of these like-minded ‘Listeners’ have slowly begun to exhibit special powers, granted from their patrons, in addition to the special knowledge that has been revealed to them.

It is said that there are thousands of Elders, but only a select few have managed to learn the skill necessary to communicate between Planes, and even fewer have developed the means of granting their followers special powers.

Each Elder has a True Name that they give only to their most trusted adherents, and a ‘public name’ that is given to the general populous. This public face is almost always a symbol of some kind that represents the Elder’s focal point and passion. The known Major Elders are:

  • The Anvil – Elder of Mining and Metalwork (N)
  • The Axe – Elder of the Dwarves (LN)
  • The Coin – Elder of Money, Merchants, and Trade (N)
  • The Heart – Elder of Healing (NG)
  • The Plow – Elder of Agriculture and Food (CG)
  • The Shield – Elder of Protection (LG)
  • The Tome – Elder of Knowledge and Research (LN)
  • The Wave – Elder of Water and Oceans (CN)

The Elders

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