The Gathering (Wiki Entry)

Since the fall of the Elders, the people of the world have celebrated the Gathering twice a year.

The Gathering is held at the sacred Isle of Spring Dawn and Fall Twilight traditionally held to be the center of the world, but few people remember the traditional name and simply refer to the island as ‘The Gathering’. People from all Five Nations come together for officially seven days, but what has become more like 15 as merchants and travelers arrive early to get a jump on the best spots and deals. The strictest adherents to the Druidic Laws refuse to trade with city dwellers outside of the designated time.

The Gathering is essentially a global fair with competitions in virtually every craft and activity imaginable. The most famous part of these competitions is the Gravity Game where teams of five compete against one another to be the first to climb a floating group of rocks and activate three enchanted beacons by solving puzzles.

As a continent, The Isle of Spring Dawn and Fall Twilight is believed to have been the meeting place of the races to settle disputes and make deals. This is the central continent and the whole reason for the planet of Axyss.

The Gathering (Wiki Entry)

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