The Miners' Guild

The Miners’ Guild is one of the longest lasting, best known, and powerful organizations in the world.

The Miner’s Guild follows the teachings of ‘The Miner’, the first Elder known to make conclusive contact with a being on the Prime Plane. Together with Durvin the Listener, the Miner led a group of Dwarves into the ruins of the ancient city, and showed them how to safely negotiate some of the traps, and harvest some of the items that they could use to improve their quality of life.

Membership in the Guild requires an apprenticeship and the construction or recovery and donation of an item of significant value (usually at least 100 gold pieces in value). Members get to attend local meetings, vote in elections, and have access to Guild Facilities and Resources such as Clerics for Healing and discounts on purchases from Guild Stores.

The Miners’ Guild was at one time predominantly made up of Dwarves, but since the Second Gate War, their influence in the Guild has waned. The Guild these days is a healthy mix of the races and is led by a Masters’ Conference elected by the members on a rotating basis for bi-annual terms.

The Miners' Guild

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