The War of the Dark Druid

One of the greatest events to shape history, this conflict shattered the formerly United Tribes, and for a time, drove a wedge between the tribes and the Three Cities.

Few details are known about who the Dark Druid was – or how he came to power, but it is commonly believed that he was a member of the Druid Council, who became corrupt and turned several of his comrades to assist him in his bid for power. Whipping up the Tribes he could influence against the ‘Heathens’ of the Three Cities, a war broke out in which some of the nomads attemped to wipe out those who did not follow the Druidic Laws.

The Alliance of the Three Cities held firm, but even combined, the city of Oceanside was destroyed and its citizens were forced to flee to a neighboring island before a sufficient force was gathered to respond and drive back the offenders.

It was finally a united effort of the cities with those Tribes who stood against the hostility that crushed the Dark Druid’s forces.

The War of the Dark Druid

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